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RootTrapper® Bags

Woody Warehouse Nursery provides only the most structurally sound trees by using RootTrapper® Bags.  The RootTrapper® Bags are highly efficient root pruning containers that eliminate problematic circling growth of roots commonly found when using plastic pots.

RootTrapper® Bags are available in 5" Knit Bags, 8" RootTrapper® Bags, and 5 or 7 gallon RootTrapper® Bag sizes. Rootmaker® Plastic Containers and Stage 2 Liners are also available.

Circling root growth will cause a significant, undesirable increase in plant establishment time, and will inevitably damage or even kill the tree as the roots grow in diameter. Our RootTrapper® Bags act as highly efficient root pruning containers that will eliminate the problems caused by root circling, thereby providing you with trees that are structurally sound from the roots up.

5" Knit Bags

Trees grown in 5" Knit Bags are placed in concrete cinder blocks to insulate the roots from temperature extremes.  The trees are spaced every other hole to promote greater caliper growth, better trunk taper, and a healthier root system.

Our medium to fast growing species finish 3-4 feet in height with a 1/2 - 5/8-inch in trunk diameter by the end of the first growing season.​

These sturdy whips are ideal for field production or shifting to our Stage 3 System for an additional growing season.To order 5" Knit Bags or seedlings, contact Woody Warehouse Nursery.

8" RootTrapper® Bags

The RootTrapper® 8-inch Bag is equivalent in size to a conventional 3-gallon container.  Root pruning occurs by a process called root-tip-trapping.  When the root tips encounter the container's sidewall of woven fiber, they grow into the bag, which traps the roots and restricts growth.​

As the root tips are trapped, additional root branching is stimulated.  This process repeats itself continuing the development of a fibrous, non-circling root system.​

The white exterior reflects sunlight and reduces container temperatures.  This creates a cooler root system, which absorbs nutrients more efficiently and eliminates hot spots where higher temperatures kill developing roots.​

These liners are given ample spacing to promote greater caliper growth and a fuller branch structure.  Medium to fast growing species finish 4-7 feet in height and 5/8 - 3/4-inch trunk diameter by the end of the first growing season.  These lightly branched liners are ideal for field production, pot in pot, or retail sales.

To order RootTrapper® 8-inch Bags or 3 gallon trees, contact Woody Warehouse Nursery.​

5 & 7 Gallon RootTrapper® Bags

Stage 3 Liners require two growing seasons.  These 5 or 7 gallon RootTrapper® Liners are used for the seedlings germinated and grown in 5-inch Knit Bags the previous year.

The following spring, Stage 2 Liners are up canned into our Stage 3 production system and grown for another season.

Root branching develops by root-tip trapping, which is complemented by the fibrous root development in our Stage 1 and 2 Growing Systems.  This dynamic non-circling, fibrous root system enables our RootForce™ Liners to outperform conventional bare root or liners growing in smooth sided plastic containers.

Since not all nurseries sell to the same markets, custom pruning is available for Stage 3 Liners.  A customized pruning regimen enables us to provide you with liners that not only outperform the competition, but are sculpted in a manner that suits your application.

To order RootTrapper® 5 to 7 Gallon Bags or trees, contact Woody Warehouse Nursery.

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