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Root Force™ Growing System

Woody Warehouse Nursery uses the Root Force™ technique of air-root pruning. This highly effective technique terminates the growth of the taproot and stimulates the growth of a fibrous root structure directed horizontally off the tap root. Root Force™ trees are propagated in our greenhouses equipped with air-root pruning benches and RootMaker® propagation trays.With their roots established, tender seedlings must be hardened off before being potted and moved outside. Depending on species, our Root Force™ system will produce trees ranging from three to six feet tall in just eight months.  These are healthy, attractive trees and at the base of each is its most important part:  a robust root system eager to grow. Bare root and field dug trees cannot produce this aggressive, fibrous foundation of roots.  A bare root tree planted in a container cannot develop this essential foundation.  The Root Force™ system can.

Benefits of Lighter Weight RootForce™ Trees

  • Root Force™ trees are grown in soilless media, enabling 2-inch trees to weigh less than 100 pounds. Field dug trees can weigh more than three times this amount.

  • The lighter weight of Root Force™ trees allows them to be moved by hand without the aid of heavy machinery.

  • Garden centers can sell larger trees without the difficulties and concerns of handling heavy loads. Larger trees are more appealing to customers, especially when they know they will be able to install the plant materials themselves if desired.

  • Due to the lighter weight of Root Force™ trees, injuries associated with handling and installing plant materials may be reduced.

RootTrapper™ In-Pot Growing System

Our Pot-In-Pot (PIP) growing system differs from that of most nurseries. Instead of growing trees in black pots with smooth sides, we use RootTrapper® Bags to correct root circling problems associated with smooth sided potting systems.

RootTrapper®-In-Pot (RTIP) systems provide consistent development of dynamic root systems, which results in beautiful, strong tree growth on top.​

Circling root growth causes increased in establishment time, and in time can damage or even kill the tree as the roots and trunk grow in diameter. Our RootTrapper® Bags act as highly efficient root pruning containers that will eliminate the problems caused by root circling, thereby providing you with trees that are structurally sound from the roots up.

The white exterior of the root bag plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy root system throughout the shipping process by reflecting sunlight and maintaining cooler container temperatures. Black pots absorb sunlight, creating hot spots that expose roots to extreme temperatures.

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