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Stage 1

The seed is propagated inside our greenhouses, which are equipped with air-root pruning benches and RootMaker® propagation trays.

Stage 2

The seedlings are transplanted into larger RootMaker® growing systems 30-45 days after germination. Stage 2 liners offer a variety of container designs and sizes to suit your production method and timelines.

Stage 3

Trees in Stage 3 require two growing seasons. The trees in these 5 or 7 gallon RootTrapper® Liners were germinated and grown in 5" Knit Bags the previous year.

Root Force™ vs Balled & Burlapped

  • The Root Force™ tree retains 100% of the root structure during harvest vs 75% left in the field when harvesting using balled and burlapped techniques

  • Woody Warehouse Root Force™ trees are available year 'round vs seasonal

  • Root Force™ trees are capable of growth 30 days post installation, vs 1 year to re-establish a root system for every inch of trunk diameter

  • ​Root Force™ 2-inch trees can be lifted by one person, vs needing 1 skid steer to lift a balled or burlapped tree

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