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We grow over


utilizing our special Root Force System

American Native Tree Specialists

If you wonder how well the tree you’re about to plant will perform, you must first look at the roots. Trees with dense, fibrous root systems offer the best chance for quick establishment and healthier growth. Our Root Force System™ encourages fibrous root development at every step of the growing process. At Woody Warehouse Nursery, Inc., we are dedicated to developing dynamic root systems for the preservation of native hardwood trees. Ninety-five percent of the trees we grow are from seed collected by hand from native tree stands in our region. This ensures consistent adaptability and growth of the tree for decades beyond our lifetime. We propagate this seed in our greenhouses and outdoor production areas until the tree or shrub reaches the desired size and health for shipment to our customers.

Why Native Hardwoods?

Native plants are more resistant to diseases and insect attack, and usually require less maintenance, which saves time and money. By only growing native hardwood trees, we can ensure you of the greatest potential for success in your planting efforts. By planting native species, you will also help preserve America’s outstanding natural heritage.


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